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LISS DTP invites applications from PhD students and staff at any of our three partner institutions for funding to support interdisciplinary events. To qualify for funding, your event must:

  1. involve at least 1 LISS DTP funded student as an organiser
  2. be student centred (primarily organised by and/or for students)
  3. be accessible to students from all 3 institutions
  4. be open to all LISS DTP affiliated students (although priority may be given to LISS DTP funded students if enrolment needs to be capped for resource reasons)
  5. have at least 1 activity within 3 months of the closing date of the call
  6. have a LISS DTP pathway lead as the academic 'sponsor' who agrees to manage the funding (sponsor should be based at the institution where the majority of funds will be spent)

Activities eligible for funding can include one-off events like a workshop or conference, or recurring events like reading groups, seminar series, etc. We encourage innovative and imaginative proposals. 

We are very happy to receive applications to co-fund events with other DTPs or other organisations.

We can consider applications for up to £3000. 

Click the + more info link to access guidance notes on completing the application.

Applications will be reviewed fortnightly throughout the year. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposals with the Deputy Director for Training and Cohort Development (Dr Paul Copeland) and/or with their pathway representative.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to respond to your application, and up to 30 working days for Instutional Finance teams to process the transfer request. If either of these deadlines passes, please email the LISS DTP Manager, Jane Gawthrope, at


Briefly (approx. 300 words) describe your proposed activity or event - tell us what you propose to do, and what the rationale for doing it is. Include details like specific themes for a reading group, or potential speakers for a workshop or seminar series, etc. If your proposed event/activity is similar to others, make it clear how yours will be different and address a different need. If the event will be co-funded, provide details about the co-funder (name, contact details, amount agreed/requested, remit of co-funder, why co-funding makes sense).

3.3. Activity Type:

Be as precise as you can about the proposed date(s) for your activity. For a series of events (eg. a reading group or invited speaker series), give a target start/launch date, and tell us the number of events and frequency you have in mind. It is not a problem to fund a series that runs over from one academic year to the next, but we do require that at least one event in the series runs within 3 months of the call close date.

You don't need to have booked rooms, but let us know where you plan to hold the event(s), especially which university and which campus, or, if appropriate, what other location(s) you have in mind. Events held on any of our campuses should not entail any room booking costs, but events off campus may.

Create your budget using google docs spreadsheets, or similar, and provide a link to access this file (uploading an excel file to dropbox and providing the share link would also work).

If we fund your proposal, we will transfer the amount in your budget to the account of the staff sponsor you have included in your application. Please discuss the practicalities of this with your sponsor in advance, and ask questions to the LISS admin team (

This budget should have roughly the following structure:

CATERING: It is possible to make use of university catering services for events if you want to, but these are generally more expensive, and more restricted in what they can offer than buying the food, drinks and plates/cups/etc yourselves.

TRAVEL/ACCOM: It's usually easiest to simply give your invitees a budget and let them book their own travel and submit an expense claim, but it is also possible for university departments to purchase tickets and book rooms for speakers with sufficient notice. You'll need to coordinate this through the department where your staff sponsor is located, so discuss this with them before putting in the application.

GENERAL NOTE: Be as clear and precise about what you are asking for as possible, and check your maths. We may elect not to fund your proposal if the sums seem excesive or unclear.

Include email addresses for all students, and indicate which student(s) are LISS-DTP funded.

List the name of the pathway lead (does not have to be the lead of YOUR pathway) who agrees to sponsor the event. Sponsoring critically means that this person has a personal or departmental account that we can transfer the awarded sum to, and that they are willing to help manage the finances and sign off on the report. Include the institutional account code if possible.

Be as specific as you can about how we should manage the money. The best/easiest solution is for you to have the agreement of a Pathway Lead to use their institutional account code. That way you can charge expenses, and submit receipts for reimbursement through their department/school/institute and those expenses can be billed to us. We just need you to tell us the Pathway Lead, their account code, and the name and contact details of the relevant departmental finance administrator who we can contact to confirm the arranements. The expense processing and the event should ideally be based at the same institution, to allow direct billing of catering, travel, etc expenses.

If this is not a possible arrangement, get in touch with Linnaea BEFORE you submit your application to discuss alternatives.