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Complete this form to apply to use RTSG funds. See pg 9 of your Handbook ( for guidance on what expenses are allowable - contact before submitting the form if you are unsure.  Please read the +more info guidance for each field below.

Applications will be reviewed on the first working Monday of January, April, July and October each year. Decisions may take up to 2 weeks to announce, depending on volume of applications. 

Once approved, the requested amount will be credited to whichever bank account you currently have on record at your host insitution. Payment of the money should happen in no more than two weeks. Please contact the LISS DTP admin team if you have not received your payment 30 working days after your application is approved.   

Please cost your RTSG request carefully as we can only fund the amount specified.

Each student may apply for up to [£750 x the number of years of their studentship] over the course of your studentship - it is your responsibility to budget wisely and reserve funds to cover your expenses, and/or find additional sources of funding.

Specify the Department or other Academic Unit (Institute, etc) where you are registered as a student

5.5. Your Cohort Required

Select the year during which your studentship started

Name the supervisor who is supporting your application - does not need to be the official 'primary' supervisor, but they must be named as a supervisor in our files. Format: FirstName LastName, e.g. Linnaea Stockall

Convert all values to £. Round up to nearest £5 (eg. if you calculate that you need £352.21, ask for £355).

Explain what you need the funds for and why the expense is critical to your research or training goals. Keep it short and easy to read but spell out initialisms and acronyms of conferences, equipment, etc. If you're asking for money to pay research participants, state the rate and the number you'll recruit (eg. 20 participants x £5), if you need the money for travel, be precise (eg. return train trip to Edinburgh Jan 9-20th 2020: £99). If the original expense is in another currency, include both the original cost and the £ conversion (eg. 2 night's accommodation Barcelona hotel: 2x€80=€160=£142). We need to be able to verify that the expenses are credible and reasonable.

Computer and Office Equipment - computer and office equipment costs are only eligible if needed in support of home working owing to the pandemic. High-power computer equipment is only eligible if it is not available in the normal university environment.

Ask the supervisor you named above to write a short (1-3 sentence) statement of support for your application along the following lines: "I [supervisor name here] support [student name here]'s application for [amount requested here] in to fund [describe activity/expense here]. This expense is vital to [student name here]'s research. [supervisor initials here][date here]".

You should also forward the email from your supervisor containing the text you paste here to (include: RTSG application support statement in the subject field) as confirmation that your supervisor really did write it.