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Complete this form to apply to use Overseas Fieldwork funds. See pg 10 of your Handbook ( for guidance on what expenses are allowable - contact Dr. Stockall before submitting the form if you are unsure.  Please read the +more info guidance for each field below.

You are only allowed to apply for Overseas Fieldwork funding once during your studentship, and we will only be able to fund costs that are included in the application that is approved, so take the time to be sure all details are correct.

Overseas fieldwork must be an integral part of the PhD and take place during the life of the award. Studentships will not be extended to reflect periods in the field.  Your overseas fieldwork can last for up to 12 months.

To apply for overseas fieldwork funds, please complete the form below a minimum of 3 months in advance of your proposed fieldwork start date.



Specify the Department or other Academic Unit (Institute, etc) where you are registered as a student

Name the supervisor who is supporting your application - does not need to be the official 'primary' supervisor, but they must be named as a supervisor in our files. Format: FirstName LastName, e.g. Linnaea Stockall

Convert all values to £. Round up to nearest £5 (eg. if you calculate that you need £352.21, ask for £355).

Please give the dates of travel (include the start & end dates of the trip). We understand that exact dates might change, but please be as precise as possible. If your application is approved, and then your dates change, you must keep us informed.

Please outline what the purpose of the trip(s) is and why it is essential to your research project. Please include an itinerary and costs breakdown specifying travel, accommodation, research costs etc. You will not be able to claim for expenses that are not in your approved budget. (Max 500 words)

Ask the supervisor you named above to write a statement of support for your application. This statement should include confirmation of the ways in which the intended activity will contribute to the doctoral research. (Max 500 words).

You should also forward the email from your supervisor containing the text you paste here to (include: Overseas Fieldwork Application support statement in the subject field) for confirmation.