Section 1

Dear Colleague

The alarming increase in antimicrobial resistance and the lack of new options poses a great risk for humanity. Therefore, the Department of Health has announced an overall goal to slow the development and spread of antimicrobial resistance by focusing their activities around three major strategic aims:

  1. Improve the knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance;
  2. Conserve and steward the effectiveness of existing treatments;
  3. Stimulate the development of new antibiotics, diagnostics and novel therapies.

In response to the above-mentioned cross-government UK strategy, we are pursuing multiple activities to positively modify the antimicrobial prescribing patterns in UK dental hospitals.  Please support our endeavours by taking part in the survey.

By participating in this survey, you are consenting for us to use your response to inform the development of national and international antimicrobial stewardship interventions. The results could also be used in scientific publications. However, your survey responses will be completely anonymous; the results will not be attributable to individuals. There are educational slides at the end of the survey. Once you finish the survey and the educational slides, you will be issued 1 continuous professional development (CPD) hour by the Association of Clinical Oral Microbiologists (ACOM).

2.2. Please tick your specialty or clinic.
3.3. Please tick your level of employment.
4.4. Are you working in a Dental Hospital?